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 Hanken School of Economics  Business and Management, Helsinki and Vaasa, 2021-22 
Corporate Responsibility Module, Helsinki, 2021-22 
Corporate Responsibility Module, Vaasa, 2021-22 
Courses for incoming exchange students, Helsinki, 2021-22 
Courses for incoming exchange students, Vaasa, 2021-22 
Doctoral studies, Helsinki, 2021-22 
Doctoral studies, Vaasa, 2021-22 
Financial Analysis and Business Development, Helsinki, 2021-22 
Mandatory Basic Course within the Bachelor's Degree, Hki, 2021-22 
Mandatory Basic Course within the Bachelor's Degree, Vaasa, 2021-22 
Open University, Helsinki, 2021-22 
Open University, Vaasa, 2021-22 
Study Module in HR (Swedish only), Helsinki, 2021-22 
Study Module in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility, Helsinki, 2021-22 
Study Module on the Kvarken region (Swedish only), Vaasa, 2021-22 
Summer courses August 2021, Helsinki and Vaasa, 2021-22 
          (E)Laajenna Centre for Langugages and Business Communication  English, Helsinki, 2021-22 
English, Vaasa, 2021-22 
Finnish, Helsinki, 2021-22 
Finnish, Vasa, 2021-22 
French, Helsinki, 2021-22 
French, Vaasa, 2021-22 
German, Helsinki, 2021-22 
German, Vasa, 2021-22 
Russian, Helsinki, 2021-22 
Spanish, Helsinki, 2021-22 
Spanish, Vaasa, 2021-22 
Swedish, Helsinki, 2021-22 
Swedish, Vaasa, 2021-22 
          (E)Laajenna Department of Accounting and Commercial Law    
          (E)Laajenna Department of Economics    
          (E)Laajenna Department of Finance and Economics    
          (E)Laajenna Department of Management and Organisation    
          (E)Laajenna Department of Marketing    
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