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3798 Practical IP Law in Europe, 2-8 cr 
Code 3798  Validity 01.01.1950 -
Name Practical IP Law in Europe  Abbreviation Practic IPL,Hki 
Credits2-8 cr  Date of expiry 10 years
TypeAdvanced studies Subject370 Commercial Law 
KindCourse  Hours  
Study right   Gradingpoints (0-100), passed 
Recommended time 
Organisation Commercial Law, Helsinki 

Course Description 

The course aims to provide students practical knowledge related to intellectual property law in Europe, focusing on trade mark and patent practices, in connection with the Pan-European Seal Professional Traineeship Programme (OHIM/EPO).

Learning Goal 

You have an in-depth understanding of practical aspects of acquiring trade marks and patents in Europe.

After completing the course, you will be able to 
  • Understand the core principles of trade mark law that is required to acquire an European trade mark through OHIM
  • Understand the core principles in European Patent Convention that is required to acquire through EPO

Two of the following courses or equivalents (16 ECTs in IP law): Fundamentals of IP I, Fundamentals of IP II, Law and Economics of IP

Total Student Workload 

80 to 320 hours divided into 
Scheduled (contact) hours: 0 to 40 hours  
Non-scheduled work: 80 to 320 hours


Self study through following an e-learning module of OHIM/EPO and/or  participating in the seminars organized by IPR University Center  

  • For 2 ECTS: Two e-learning modules with certificates and  learning journal
  • For 4 ECTS: Four e-learning modules with certificates or One complete set of professional training by IPR University Center , learning journal
  • For 6 ECTs:  Six e-learning modules with certificates/ or one learning modules and one complete set of professional training by IPR University Center, learning journal
  • For 8 ECTs: Eight e-learning modules with certificates or two complete sets of professional training by IPR University Center, learning journals 
Literature and Course Material 

Students are required to follow at least two of the advanced e-learning modules for intellectual property, with certificate  provided at OHIM or at EPO website: For those students who select training seminar modules arranged by IPR University center, literatures are specified by the session lecturers.


Learning journals and Certificate of Participation (e-learning modules, IPR University Center certificates)  and /or
Learning journal based on the participation in the professional training sessions organized by IPR University Center. (Trademark, EQE sessions)

Target Group 

The course is open for IPL program students only. Other students need to contact course examiner for permission to participate.

Recommended Time of Performance 

Second year in the IPL programme.


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