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37010-E Digital Economy and Society, 6 sp 
Kod 37010-E  Giltighet 01.01.1950 -
Namn Digital Economy and Society  Förkortning DigiE,Hki&Vaasa 
Omfattning6 sp  Föråldringstid 10 år
TypÄmnesstudier Läroämne370 Handelsrätt 
SlagStudieperiod  Timantal  
Studierätt   BedömningStandardskala 
Rekom. prestationstid 
Ansvarig enhet Handelsrätt, Vasa 

Mäntysaari, Petri 


We live in a digital world. Commercial law plays a key role in the development of digital economy. On this course, we explore some of the key aspects of digital economy through the lens of commercial law. We will also study its wider impact on society. Since the context is digital, this course has no lectures in class and the exam is an e-exam in an examination studio. 

This course can be taken by students both from Helsinki and Vaasa.

The course can be taken as part of the study module in Corporate Responsibility.


You have knowledge of the main legal aspects of digital platforms, electronic commerce, the internet of things (such as technical platforms, artificial intelligence and robots), the use of blockchain, and digital data issues (such as cybersecurity, integrity and data protection). You are aware of the societal impact of digital economy and the role of governance in digital society and economy.

Efter avlagd kurs kan du 
  • describe the main commercial law aspects of digital economy relating to electronic commerce, digital platforms, and data;
  • describe the objectives of regulators and firms in this context;
  • apply legal tools and practices in digital economy.

Online course.


While digital markets are global, on this course you will focus on commercial law in Europe.

Studerandes totala arbetsmängd 

160 hours divided into
scheduled (contact) hours: 0 h
non-scheduled work: 160 h


Lecture notes and links to readings in Moodle (obligatory).

Litteratur och undervisningsmaterial 

A reading list with required readings will be provided in each Moodle lecture during the course. There will be links to readings in Moodle.

Examination och bedömning 

An e-exam (100 %).

Rekommenderad tidpunkt 

Second or third year of bachelor studies.

Fristående studier (Öppna universitetet, JOO och samarbeten) 

Quota for the Open university: 3
Quota for JOO-students: 3


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Funktionerna Namn Typ sp Kursansvarig Tidtabell
Anmälningstiden är slut Digital Economy and Society, Hki & Vaasa  Kurs  Mäntysaari, Petri 
25.10.21 -10.12.21 -
  Digital Economy and Society, Hki & Vaasa  Kurs  Mäntysaari, Petri 
17.01.22 -04.03.22 -

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