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23222-B-V Tourism and Hospitality Market Management, 5 sp 
Kod 23222-B-V  Giltighet 01.01.1950 -
Namn Tourism and Hospitality Market Management  Förkortning TourHosp,Vaasa 
Omfattning5 sp  Föråldringstid 10 år
TypFördjupade studier Läroämne230 Marknadsföring 
SlagStudieperiod  Timantal  
Studierätt   Bedömningpoäng (0-100), godkänd 
Rekom. prestationstid 
Obligatoriska förkunskaper:
Någon av dessa studieperioder
    232 Ekonomie kandidat
    23KANDOK Rätt avlägga kurser på magisternivån i marknadsföring
Ansvarig enhet Marknadsföring, Vasa 

Björk, Peter 


Tourism and hospitality Marketing Management is about development of new services and to stage for customer experiences. This reading package interlinks three different research areas, Customer experience, Service management and Destination development. Out of a marketing management perspective, Tourism and Hospitality Management is about making visitors feel welcome, to care about the employees and to be convinced that the tourists leave the destination happy and better-off.

Insight into tourist and experience value is to be sought in a society of transformation, when work and leisure time blend, and the classic
“Touristhood” fades away. Based on the service characteristics, principles of service management are discussed, and the unique features of destinations are used for understanding new tourism service development.

The context of this course is marketing. However, the learnings from this course can be applied to other contexts also. Hence, all students, regardless of their disciplinary background, are welcome to take this course.
As a self-learning course, it tests your ability to think about and reflect on your learning, to set your own deadlines and goals, and to have the motivation to learn by self-studying.

It is important that you have some previous knowledge of marketing and that you read carefully the assigned literature and the assignment instructions in Moodle.


You are prepared to independently plan and implement tourism and hospitality marketing management strategies, and analyse consequences thereof.

Efter avlagd kurs kan du 
  • make a current situation analysis of both a market and a business
  • plan and implement tourism and hospitality marketing management strategies
  • present strategy documents

Self-study course.


Completed Bachelor Degree.

Studerandes totala arbetsmängd 

134 hours divided into
Scheduled contact hours: 0 h
Non-scheduled work: 134 h


A self-study course.

The course includes 1) a digital exam performed physically at Hanken (Helsinki or Vaasa), and 2) online assignments in Moodle.

Litteratur och undervisningsmaterial 

Articles about 200 pages

Examination och bedömning 

A written digital exam of the course literature (60 %) and completed assignments (40 %).

A list of exam questions are made available in Moodle. The exam consist of a random sample of these questions plus an additional question that is not on the prepared list. The exams are assessed about once a month (not two weeks after each exam). Dates of assessment are announced in Moodle.

Evaluation of two written assignments.

Please note that written assignments are checked for plagiarism.

Motsvarande kurser 

Major subject students in Marketing can include a maximum of two of the self-study courses (23222-A, 23222-B-V, 23222-C or 23222-D) in their major subject studies.

Rekommenderad tidpunkt 

This course can be taken at any time during your Master’s studies.

Fristående studier (Öppna universitetet, JOO och samarbeten) 

Quota for the Open University: 3
Quota for JOO-students: 3


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Anmälningstiden är slut Tourism and Hospitality Market Management, Vaasa  Kurs  Björk, Peter 
01.08.19 -31.08.19 -
anmäl dig Tourism and Hospitality Market Management, Vaasa  Kurs  Björk, Peter 
02.09.19 -13.12.19 -
anmälningstiden har inte börjat Tourism and Hospitality Market Management, Vaasa  Kurs  Björk, Peter 
20.01.20 -08.05.20 -
anmälningstiden har inte börjat Tourism and Hospitality Market Management, Vaasa  Kurs  Björk, Peter 
18.05.20 -31.07.20 -

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