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22046 Russian Business Environment, 5 sp 
Kod 22046  Giltighet 01.01.1950 -
Namn Russian Business Environment  Förkortning Rus Busin Env 
Omfattning5 sp  Föråldringstid 10 år
TypFördjupade studier Läroämne380 Logistik och samhällsansvar 
SlagStudieperiod  Timantal  
Studierätt   Bedömningpoäng (0-100), godkänd 
Rekom. prestationstid 
Ansvarig enhet Företagsledning och organisation, Helsingfors 

Zashev, Peter 


The course introduces and focuses on Russian business culture, which greatly differs from the one in Western Europe, and Finland in particular. The course aims to provide students with knowledge and practical skills to enable successful interaction when doing business in Russia. The course reviews this in a cause-effect relationship and thus sets the goal to prepare you of seeing the context and background that form the mentality rational shaping Russian business culture.

This is an intensive course given on a number of full teaching days during the teaching period.


You are aware of the ways in which Russians act and interact in business situations and have an understanding of why they behave in this way.

Efter avlagd kurs kan du 
  • identify important factors shaping and influencing the contemporary Russian business culture
  • analyse and compare Russian business praxis and interaction

The course focuses on the Russian market and business environment. Faculty includes international experts on this topic.

Studerandes totala arbetsmängd 

134 hours divided into
Scheduled (contact) hours: 24 h
Non-scheduled work incl. assignments: 110 h


Intensive lecturing comprised over 4 days. 70% obligatory attendance.

Litteratur och undervisningsmaterial 

Lecturer's notes and articles (max 350 pages)

Examination och bedömning 

Attendance and active participation: 25%
Written test (within the course):         10%
Course work (15 pages per students)  65%

Participation in the introductory lecture is mandatory. Overall 70% mandatory attendance.

Motsvarande kurser 

Students who have completed the earlier course Russian Business Environment (8 ECTS, course code 3889) cannot take this course.

Fristående studier (Öppna universitetet, JOO och samarbeten) 

Apart from being offered to Hanken students the course is part of the Master’s Programme in Russian and East European Studies maintained by the network of thirteen Finnish universities and coordinated by the Aleksanteri Institute.

Ytterligare information 

All parts of the course need to be passed in the same academic year.


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