Guidens Corporate Responsibility Module, Helsinki, 2014-15 uppgifter

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In today's business environment firms need to know how to manage issues and risks concerning stakeholder relations, environmental degradation, workers' rights, gender aspects, corporate governance and ethical conduct. To meet this need Hanken offers a study module in Corporate Responsibility (CR), which is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of issues related to corporate responsibility and management ethics. The introduction of a study module that focuses on CR follows Hanken's decision to endorse PRME - the Principles for Responsible Management Education (for further info see; and

The study module is 25 credits and can be registered, similar to a minor subject, as a study module on your bachelor's or master's degree. Students who complete the module can have it marked on their transcripts. Note that you have to apply to have it marked in your transcripts, please contact the examiner of the study module for further information (for contact information go here).

The study module takes a cross-disciplinary approach combining perspectives on CR from Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility, Politics and Business, Accounting, Management and Organisation, and Commercial

The Corporate Responsibility study module for non-Hanken students
Hanken School of Economics offers 25 students who are not degree students at Hanken the opportunity to complete the Corporate Responsibility study module comprising a minimum of 25 credits.